2013 Huang Ying Menghai Shu Mini Brick


Upon making my last order at Yunnan Sourcing, I noticed that I still had a bit of space for something small at the same shipping rate, so I decided to gamble on this mini shu brick, which turned out to be a good purchase.

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The brick was commissioned by a tea house named Huang Ying and is of rock hard compression, which is unfortunately quite common with mini bricks.

According to Yunnan Sourcing the tea hails from Menghai and was aged for 2 years before it was pressed.


After some seriously violent efforts, I finally managed to break some chunks off the brick and the first infusion did not disappoint.


The tea itself is indeed worthy of a tea house and goes more into a raisin like taste direction than the standard Chinese date taste. The sweet spot is in shorter brews of about 10-20sec as overbrewing eliminates the raisin flavor and gets more to the usual cocoa flavor of overbrewed shu.


Overall it’s a good shu and affordable too, at $6 per 100g. You can purchase it yourself here.

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