2013 Yunnan Sourcing “Yi Wu Purple Tea” Sample


This purple pu erh sample consists out of an early spring harvest from the Yi Wu mountains from 20-30 year old trees according to Yunnan Sourcing and was quite a delight to drink.

Purple bud pu erh doesn’t seem to have a very large following in China for reasons unknown to me and therefore quite a few exceptional cakes and bricks can be had at very reasonable cost even at times of ever increasing pu erh prices.


The session started out with a taste of roasted corn (as in tacos) in combination with medium sweet maple syrup sweetness in the first infusion with no astringency and a thick mouthfeel.

In later infusions some citric acid like acidity came out and I found it possible to overbrew it due to this fact.

There was no smokey flavor as with dehong purple pu erhs and it was overall a very pleasant session.


In case you want to try it yourself you can get it here at $29 per 250g.

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