Gong Dao Fang – 2006 Dragon Cake


It’s been a while since my last update. Shanghai’s summer heat has got to me, despite air condition being present everywhere and put me into quite a summer slump.

This 6 year old dragon wrapper cake from Gong Dao Fang is my latest acquisition, which I managed to purchase for a very reasonable 160 RMB / ~26 USD. 

Originally I didn’t want to purchase additional sheng cakes with a honey like taste, however the store had nothing else on offer when I stocked up on their shu bricks, so I decided to give this cake a go.


It’s a cake of medium strength compression that releases a strong menthol like smell once the wrapper is removed.




The taste of the deep golden liquor is a strong honey like flavor, without being overly complex and the astringency is very low even on longer infusions. In later infusions the backbone of the honey flavor reveals itself as malt and grass like flavors, that had earlier merged into one.

There is no fancy mouthfeel like recurring sweetness etc. and there is only a limited cooling sensation, despite the strong menthol smell of the cake, but the material overall feels solid for the money. The “cha qi” is surprisingly calming.



This cake will probably be my last purchase of the honey like variety, as I’m looking to challenge my tastebuds a bit more, but they seem to do well for long term aging if you’re looking for a smooth shu pu kind of result that is not awfully complex.

The cake can be bought for 200RMB on Taobao:


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