Matcha Oatmeal with Yunomi’s Premium Kitchen Grade Matcha


If you’re looking to incorporate green tea into your breakfasts but don’t like drinking it right away in the morning, then matcha oatmeal might be something for you.


I choose Obubu Tea’s premium kitchen grade matcha from, as it’s stone mill ground instead of ball mill ground, which preserves both taste and nutritional properties, but the cheaper versions should do as well


Simply get some oat flakes (the instant kind and not the old fashioned ones), add some dried fruits (I prefer combining pineapple and papaya), mix in some kitchen grade matcha (you can start with half a tablespoon) and add boiling or near boiling water and stir well to make sure that there is no clumping.

The result is a filling breakfast meal, which combines the flavor of matcha and sweet fruits, while containing enough caffeine to get most caffeine addicts ready for the day.


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