Pu-Erh.sk – Naka 2013 Autumn Sample


The next sample from Pu-Erh.sk to suffer the fate of consumption was this autumn 2013 sheng from the Nakashan mountain area near Mensong.

2014-02-16-03.10.00-1  2014-02-16-03.13.18-3

The dry leafs already look shiny and potent and the brew didn’t fail to disappoint.

While not overly complex, it pleases with a well rounded grainy sweet taste (or biscuit taste as Hobbes puts it) and a liquor of oily consistency that gives a great mouth-feel.

The taste doesn’t develop much throughout the infusions, but a longer brewing time increase the astringency, which overall is on the lower end, as well as the recurring sweet aftertaste.

2014-02-16-03.31.19-1 2014-02-16-05.14.00-1

At 53€ for 275g it’s not overly cheap, but in line with the quality you get for the money and a premium everyday sheng that is not overly demanding and suitable for work-time consumption.

In case you want to try it yourself you can find it here.

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