Pu-Erh.sk – Yiwu Big Green Tree 2001 Sheng Sample


In Europe for work and wanting to sample pu erh from different vendors, I decided to give Pu-Erh.sk a shot, as I have come accross plenty of good reviews of their teas in the pu erh blogosphere lately.

The package arrived in a record 2 days via standard airmail, which I was pleasantly surprised about.

The Yiwu Big Green Tea 2001 sample was my first tasting choice and it didn’t disappoint.




Upon opening the sample package, the first thing I noticed was the smokey scent of the dry leafs.

Unlike others, I don’t tend to rinse sheng, unless I see a real need for it, which means my first infusion was really the first without a rinse.

1st Infusion

Mighty sweetness that spreads through the mouth

I sip slowly instead of taking big swigs like I usually do, as the taste is really dense. This is first time I feel the need to do this.

The taste lingers and develops long after each sip.

There is a slightly Smokey aftertaste

2nd Infusion

The sweetness stays in the background and the liquor is not very thick but the cha qi is very strong

It’s the calm, meditative kind of cha qi that feels like a warm blanket is wrapped around you. The warming effect is pleasant and not as full on as with shu, where I sometimes start to sweat.

3rd Infusion

The sweetness is coming back strong, along with some smokey flavor.

4th Infusion

I decided to push it beyond flash infusions and did a 20sec infusion. It’s malty sweet, with a relatively weak watery body and there is an unpleasant chicory like bitterness. The cha qi is powerful and the sweetness lingers.

5th Infusion

I went to push it further at above a minute.

Breathing in and out, my breath feels smokey and the sweetness lingers in the mouth. While I still don’t find the bitterness to be pleasant, the body is more full and rounded now. The caffeine is hitting in.

At the bottom of the cup it suddenly tastes comparable to the LKY golden jubilee cake, although cha qi is very different.

6th Infusion

It still soldiers on with a mix of sweetness and bitterness at a 20 sec infusion.

7th and 8th Infusion

A gentle and sweet closing of this session.

 My Overall Impression:

While the tea is quite pricey at 140€ ($190) per 425g, the cha qi is quite something and at about $2 a session it’s not much more pricey than an americano at Starbucks and worth it for lazy weekends.

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